Friday, July 23, 2010

Trenton, Canada - Beginning of the Trent-Severn Waterway

Left Kingston, Canada, on July 22nd, Thursday around 9:00 am. Arrived in Trenton around 5:00 pm. Stayed Friday, due to rain. Went to the grocery store, post office, out to lunch and spent the day catching up on this blog. Took a picture of a beautiful tower here in Trenton. I also took a picture of the bridge that says "Welcome to the Trent Severn Waterway." Waiting on better weather for Saturday. Traveling with Mark and Susan from Kingston. Heading for Campbellford, Canada tomorrow, HOPEFULLY.

Kingston, Canada - 8

Kingston, Canada - 7

The Prince George Hotel was established in 1806. Wow that's old - very historic! The pics are of the city and pics of Rhojo at the Confederation Marina. It was a nice marina.

Kingston, Canada - 6

If I haven't mentioned it before - I'm crazy about this Italian ice cream called Gelato. If you're ever in Kingston, Canada, please go by Mia Gelato and get some Strawberry Gelato. It's the B E S T!

Kingston, Canada - 5

While walking down the sidewalk, I saw a tiny shoe sitting on top of the parking meter. I thought it was very cute, how someone found the shoe and sat it on top. Maybe the parent will come back by and find this little shoe.

Kingston, Canada - 4

Kingston, Canada - 3

Kingston, Canada - 2

Kingston, Canada - 1

Crossing Lake Ontario and Joey's Hair

For those of you who have not seen Joey in a while. Take a look at how long his hair is getting. One of the locke masters called him Mam the other day. The locke master was looking down and obviously could not see Joey's face. We got a good laugh out of this.

Leaving Oswego, New York - end of Erie Canal and crossing Lake Ontario

The lighthouse is the last lighthouse on the Erie Canal before you go out into Lake Ontario. It was a beautiful day to cross. We began our crossing around 7:30 and arrived to Kingston, Canada around 3:30 that afternoon. We stayed at the Confederation Marina in Kingston, Canada.

Erie Canal - 24

Erie Canal - 23

Oswego, New York

Erie Canal - 22

Erie Canal - 21

Erie Canal - 20

The Erie Canal breaked at Sylvan Beach and picked up again on the other side of Oneida Lake. This town is like a township one would find by the coastal shores back home. It caters to weekenders and has a park with rides. Joey and I had a nice dinner out and laid on the front of the boat that night and listened to a band in the backyard of one of the houses on the wall where we tied up. Sylvan Beach has a wall on the Erie Canal where boaters can tie up for free. There's no power and water, but hey it's FREE.
We enjoyed watching a little girl, who made a seat out of the boat tie up apparatus. The weather was beautiful there and we looked forward to crossing Oneida Lake where the Erie Canal spilled out onto. Oneida Lake is a thirty three mile crossing and we crossed it early in the morning on a beam sea. Not a great ride, but after the six to seven foot waves on the Chesapeake, it was a piece of cake. I like to get my blanky and pillow and sleep on these days.
Once we crossed Oneida Lake,and continued on the Erie Canal and once again began the locking process. We stopped at Winter Harbour for fuel and potty pump out. We stopped at Illion for the night after the Winter Harbour stop.
The next day we arrived at Oswego, which is the last stop on the Erie Canal. Oswego also had great places on the wall of the Canal to tie up. We stayed at Oswego for two days. Reason being, Lake Ontario was too rough to cross, so we waited for the oppertune time. Some fellow boaters tried to cross and fifteen minutes into their trip, decided to come back to the safety of Oswego. Who wants to get beat to death. Well maybe Steve Kaeiser. He's the only guy I know who loves any kind of weather on a boat. Good Luck with that Steve!!!
We met two nice couples in Oswego. Jill and Richard from Georgia and Mark and his wife from Houston. We crossed together on Lake Ontario. Always safety in numbers. We arrived in Kingston, Canada in the middle of the afternoon and stayed two days there. It is a beautiful city. We washed the boat, did some maintenance and shopped some. I took pictures of Kingston's City Hall and of the Turrents there across the land. The turrents were armed with guns for protection of the city of Kingston. Very friendly people in Canada. Very clean place and well organized.

Erie Canal - 19

Erie Canal - 18

Views of the Canal and a Church steeple from the town of Amsterdam.