Saturday, May 22, 2010


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Noelle said...

Hey guys!

Great to see that everything is going so well! Rho-Jo looks great and y'all look like you hare having a blast!! Wonderful! Elizabeth city looked really neat.

Things are good in the Keys. Getting very HOT. Nate is busy and DRC is gearing up for Camp/Dolphin Lab season! We've had lots of company over this spring which was nice. Kris choreographed a dance routine and myself and a few of my co-workers are going to be in a dance performance in June. I am very excited. I have also started taking tap lessons which are loads of fun.

We sure do miss you! Hopefully we will see you guys at some point. If I could only get some darned time off!! Take care and I love the blog!

Safe voyage!

Love 'n Hugz,